Firstie News

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Dear Parents,

We had lots of visitors in the classroom. This week, the fire department came and we toured the fire truck. It was so exciting to see the trucks!

Secondly, the class had Art Masterpiece. This time is a great time to explore a new artist and get a bit creative with their technique. Thank you to our volunteers!


Finally, Mrs. Whitford is joining us on Friday afternoon and she will have a host of space activities. The kids are so thrilled to use a telescope. I am sure that your firstie will come home with important information to share tomorrow.


Important Information-


On March 8th and 9th, we will have our Parent-Teacher Conferences. I have created the sign-up genius and it is live. If you have not have signed up for a great time, then please follow this link-


On February 14th, it will be Valentine’s Day. On that day, children can bring in cards and tokens for classmates. Each child can write in the card and deliver it to their classmates in the afternoon. On Monday, we will create our valentine bags for our cards and we have 17 children in the classroom. Please remember our school is a no sugar and nuts school. Thank you!


If there are any questions or concerns, then please feel free to reach out.


Have a fantastic day!

Ms. Trowbridge