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Dear Parents,


Our class is reading a great deal. Often, in class, I am being told, You don’t let us read enough. I am laughing so hard. So funny!


During our language arts block, we are practicing the ow and ou. It is quite a tricky phonics piece. Yet, the class is trying their hardest. Math has been filled with shapes. In class, we are learning about vertices, sides, and flat surfaces. Bugs have invaded our room. The class is identifying whether a bug has a head, thorax, and abdomen.


On Wednesday, April 26th, we have a half day. Please schedule pick up arrangements ahead of time.


Be on the look out for the last Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-up. I will roll it out in the next few days.


Month at a Glance 

  • Recker Elementary Music Concert 4/19
  • Montessori Gala- 4/22
  • Lockdown Drill- 4/26
  • Half Day of School- 4/26
  • Teacher Appreciation Week 5/1-5/5
  • MAP Testing 5/1-5/12
  • Recker Academic Awards 5/2
  • Gifted Information Night 5/4
  • Spring Athletic Awards 5/17
  • Kindergarten Graduation 5/24
  • 8th Grade and 12th Grade Graduation 5/25
  • Last Day of School 5/26
  • School Closed 5/29
  • Parent Teacher Conferences 6/1-6/2


If there are any questions, then please feel free to contact me.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Ms. Trowbridge